Will Holder

Typographer Will Holder organises writing around reproductions of artworks, and in particular how voices from various disciplines are mediated to provide meaning and access to art objects. He sees conversation as model and tool for a mutual and improvised set of publishing conditions whereby the usual roles of commissioner, author, subject, editor, printer and typographer are improvised and shared, as opposed to assigned and pre-determined.

Based in Glasgow, Holder is editor of F.R.DAVID, a journal concerned with reading and writing in the arts (since 2007). In 2014 he had a solo exhibition, HIGH ENERGY BAR, at Grazer Kunstverein, Austria and was Research Fellow at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds throughout 2013. He co-curated TalkShow (with Richard Birkett) at the ICA, London in May 2009. Together with Alex Waterman, he edited and typeset operatic scores for Yes, But Is It Edible?, the music of Robert Ashley, for two or more voices (New Documents, 2014).

Will Holder | The readers of F.R.DAVID will be most grateful for the Paul Hamlyn Award’s investment in time and space, allowing the journal to evolve and become self-sustaining. Personally, I am greatly encouraged by the recognition and ability to maintain the course and conditions of my work thus far; and am grateful for the opportunity to nominate others for the award.