Sue Tompkins

Sue Tompkins (b. 1971) lives and works in Northamptonshire. Working in a performative way since leaving art school in 1994, Sue Tompkins' practice reflects her 'interest in language and everything it can do.' She uses a typewriter to make text pieces on paper which are often shown as wall based text installations. The installations are structured in the way the language moves from page to page and are often a mixture of statements, questions, poems, demands and comments. Her practice includes performances which change subtly each time, responding to the context, the space and the audience; having an appearance of being improvised but being very much fixed in other senses. She recently gave performances in Plymouth and Glasgow as part of The British Art Show 7 and is working on a web based project to make a web book with Dia Foundation, New York, to be launched in May 2012.

Sue Tompkins | Winning the award at this time means so much to me, as it makes me think about being an artist, about perseverance and time, and being hopeful.