Stewart Home

Stewart Home (b.1962) lives in London Stewart Home is an artist, filmmaker, novelist and activist. Over his 30-year career he has worked in a variety of media including performance, music, film, writing, installation and graphics. Working across these practices his work seeks to forge the link between theory and practice and explore the separations between the private and the social. Claiming that traditional performance art is no longer relevant, his live art routines mix stand-up, spoken word and philosophy. Home recites passages from his novels and stories whilst standing on his head or performing ventriloquism with a hand puppet. These actions aim to underline the staged quality of performance and challenge what Home believes are arbitrary genre distinctions between fiction and non-fiction, poetry and prose, performance and writing. In 2012 a retrospective exhibition of Home's work was shown SPACE Studios, London and White Columns, New York. He has shown work at Arnolfini, Bristol, T1/2 Artspace, London and in 2006 was commissioned by Arts Council England and the BBC. He has published several 'anti novels' including: Blood Rites Of The Bourgeoisie (Book Works, London 2010), Memphis Underground (Snowbooks, London 2007), Tainted Love (Virgin Books, London 2005), and ┬ĘDown & Out In Shoreditch & Hoxton (Do-Not Press, London 2004). Photo: Chris Dorley Brown

Stewart Home | The Paul Hamlyn Award will make a huge difference to my practice since I work a lot with video and computers and I have needed new hardware and software for several years now. The computer I use I bought in 2007 (when I was being paid to do a residency at Strathclyde University) and I haven't had my own digital video camera for several years, instead I've relied on borrowing film equipment from other people. I bought my last film camera in 2004 and used it frequently until it broke three years ago. I'm really looking forward to getting another one! However, even more important is the time the award will buy me. This isn't just the hours spent working to make money doing journalism or teaching, in recent years it has become increasingly difficult and time consuming to get that freelance work at all! I know a lot of people who could make very good use of the money, and that's something I'll be bearing in mind as I spend it.