Rose Wylie

Rose Wylie (b. 1934) lives and works in Kent. Rose Wylie describes herself as a painter who is mostly concerned with how things 'look' - this could be anything, but popular, everyday culture forms a large part of her source material, such as newspapers, TV and film. She has painted screen-shots from memory, and says her work could be called a 'diary or a mnemonic' but is primarily an attempt to reproduce, settle and internalize an 'intense something' that has been seen. She draws on the classical traditions of painting but has many more contemporary sources of inspiration such as Andre Krauz, Steve Bell, South Park and cinema hoardings. Her work is represented by Union Gallery, London and has recently been shown there and  at The Approach Gallery, London, The Drawing Room, London and forthcoming solo exhibitions are scheduled for Michael Janssen Gallery, Berlin (September 2011) and Regina Gallery, Moscow (January 2012).

Rose Wylie | It is so very good to have the support of the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. And the help with the practical side of painting is HUGE.