Pavel Büchler

Pavel Büchler describes what he does as 'making nothing happen'. His job as an artist, he says, is to incite curiosity and draw attention to the obvious but unnoticed connections in the viewer's experience, perceptions and cultural knowledge, to things and circumstances in the world which ought not to be confined to the identities they have in our daily lives. His practice reflects a long-standing interest in the discoveries and legacy of conceptual art and the avant-garde canon of modern European culture and critical thought. Formally presented in a variety of media with a preference for an economy of means and a bias towards the use of obsolete technology, his works offer new ways of perceiving the conditions of contemporary culture and its dependence on the possibilities opened up by history. Awarded the Northern Art Prize in 2009, Büchler has recently exhibited at Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver; Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen; Museion Bolzano; Centre d' Art Contemporain, Geneve; and Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis. He is curently working on solo projects for, among others, Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin; Extra City, Antwerp; and Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

Pavel Büchler | I felt honoured enough when I heard that I had been nominated for a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award and I can still hardly believe that I have been offered this prestigious gift. Art is not about winning prizes but the thought that what I have done so far has achieved the critical endorsement of people whom I respect gives me a great incentive to carry on and their faith in what I can still do is a challenge. The generosity of the Award will help me to devote time to work without the risks of slipping into production and to follow up speculative ideas and opportunities without compromise. What makes the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Awards special is that they have enabled so many artists to do just that.