Pat Thomas

Pat Thomas has been involved with some of the leading practitioners in creative music, whether that music be composed or improvised, for over thirty years. He has developed a personal vocabulary on the piano, as well as a personal approach to electronics particularly, in the use of interactive playing with computers in a real time setting. In composition, he has developed a personal pedagogy, enabling him to utilize the skills of improvisers to create new works in real time, through hand signals. Thomas was born in 1960 and studied classical piano from aged 8. He started playing Jazz from the age of 16 after seeing legendary pianist Oscar Peterson on television. By 1979, Thomas was performing seriously as an improviser. His experimental leanings manifested themselves in the form of electronics -- he plays and programs electronic keyboards and uses pre-recorded tapes in his music. He has since gone on to develop an utterly unique style - embracing improvisation, jazz and new music.

Pat Thomas | "It is a great honour to receive the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award for Composers, this will allow me to develop my personal musical vocabulary and to document my musical pedagogy, giving me more time to do musical research, without having to worry about financial constraints."