Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers (b. 1976) currently lives and works in Kent. Matt Rogers says his work is led by his 'desire to create extremely direct musical environments, and the belief that the only true complexity in music exists at the point when it is apprehended by the listener.' This has resulted in a highly innovative and diverse creative practice - both conceptually and formally - which includes developing a new musical language through the pseudonym, Gameshow Outpatient, and works such as 'Goat Repo' and 'Druids vs. the Center for Disease Control' which were made in the Chip-Tune style (which takes its name from its use of sound chips from early video game consoles and home computers) but take their rhythmic and structural intricacy far beyond the usual bounds of the style. He was artist in residence at Tokyo Wonder Site, Tokyo, Japan in 2010; and has recently completed commissions for Arcola Theatre for their Grimeborne Festival (The Raven, a one act opera after Poe, 2010); St Paul's Sinfonia Chamber Orchestra (no fear of the readiness potential, String Orchestra, 2010) and Spitalfields Festival (Dead reckoning, piece for handbells performed by Sankorfa percussion ensemble, June 2011).

Matt Rogers | Spending your time imagining exciting and deeply personal avenues of exploration that you may never get to pursue can be quite a stressful way to exist, but suddenly I'm in a position to realise so many of the projects close to my heart which I'd become concerned might be getting away from me forever. I really can't begin to explain how special and transformative this award is to me, but anyone who's played video games knows there are some things you just can't do without the right power up at the right time.