Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson

Once described by Tate as ‘two of Britain’s most exciting young filmmakers and performers’, London-based performance artists Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson (born 1985) create choreographed group activities. Since graduating from the Chelsea College of Art and Design, they have worked independently and collaboratively to explore performance outside of traditional theatre settings.

Their performances often involve the live construction of sound to explore how the body can be used as an instrument. At the centre of their work is an exploration of how performance is initiated in non-theatrical environments as a tool for working through everyday emotional and occupational problems and experiences.

Since 2010, their performances have been shown within the UK and have gained international attention, with showings at Tent, Rotterdam, the Yapi Kredi Cultural Centre, Istanbul and Camden Arts Centre London. Their most recent performance, Public Relations (2016) was staged at Maureen Paley, London and Site Galley in Sheffield.

Lucy Beech and Edward Thomasson | This award will transform the way we are able to build projects, enabling us the freedom to explore and develop new works independently. The support will allow us to construct a self-sufficient working method, in order to build a more fluid and sustainable way of producing into the future; developing choreographies that function as objects that can be restaged and reimagined for a number of sites.