Lis Rhodes

Lis Rhodes (b. 1942) lives and works in London Lis Rhodes' films have been shown internationally since the 1970s. Her practice crosses into performance, writing, and political analysis; the films she makes have a strong formal aesthetic and engage with the failures and power structures of language.  Sound has been a defining element in Rhodes' work, and in the composition of sounds and mixing of voices - often her own - each track is taken apart, composed apart, replacing and displacing words out of time; the autonomy of writing is dissolved in the mixing. She has recently shown both past and recent works at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Dissonance and Disturbance, January-March 2012). Her filmLight Music is being shown at Tate Modern, in the Tanks gallery, July-October 2012. This work, drawn as a musical score, the spacing of the drawn lines being read by the projector as sound, was made in 1975 in response to the lack of attention paid to women composers in European music.

Lis Rhodes | Recently there have been coincidences in my works both past and present, in the moving of words at the same time as the stilling of images. It is the laundering of laws - in self interest defined as necessity - that provoked this application and was the reason for it. I am just so grateful that I am now able to pursue these ideas.