Lindsay Seers

Lindsay Seers (b.1966) lives and works in London. Seers is represented by Matt's Gallery, London, and won the Jarman Award 2009. Her 3 Minute Wonders for Channel 4 were screened in September and October 2010. Current and recent exhibitions include It has to be this way² commissioned by the National Museum of Denmark and Mead Gallery Coventry (until December 2010); Steps into the Arcane, Kunstmuseum Thurgau, Switzerland (until December 2010); Persistence of Vision, FACT, Liverpool and Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen  (until January 2011); Altermodern, Fourth Tate Triennial, Tate Britain (2009); It has to be this way¹·⁵, commissioned by Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth ( until January 2011); It has to be this way,  Matt's Gallery (2009);Event Horizon, Royal Academy of Art (2008); and Swallowing Black Maria, Smart Project Space, Amsterdam (2007).

Lindsay Seers | Recently on Radio 4 I heard the chair of a contemporary prize for literature scoffing at the waste of money the government spends on its contemporary art collection, which he claimed was unnecessary as we have an amazing collection of art from the past. Perhaps we now think that contemporary art is a luxury we cannot afford? Yes - life support machines help us to survive but the outcomes of creativity give us inspiration and understanding about what it is to be human. The fact that this award exists is amazing, a rare and insightful gift - to support artists work in their own lifetime (and a small miracle I have received it). My intention is to put all of the money into new works and hope those works can offer up something to an audience that is contemporary, reflective and is about something other than quantifiable value.