Christina Mackie

Christina Mackie (b. 1956) lives and works in London. Mackie makes sculptural installations: layers or elements are often separate and complete in themselves, the final constructions are composite. These discrete installations are abstractions of the artist's meditations on subjects, which can be emotional, physical or socio-political. She uses a wide variety of sources and materials ranging from DNA to watercolour. Her best known works include: Intron Image Project in which a DNA sequence was configured from a drawing of her cat; and suppression, repression, depression compression, a series of diminishing polystyrene cups, each one compressed by incrementally increased atmospheric pressure in a laboratory. Mackie gained a BA Fine Art from Central St. Martins in 1978. In 2005 she was awarded the Becks Futures prize; she has a solo exhibition at the Chisenhale Gallery in November 2010.

Christina Mackie | I am very happy to have been given this gift by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. It encourages me to continue composing, translating and looking forward in my life and work.