Charlotte Prodger

Charlotte Prodger (born 1974) is a Glasgow-based artist who works with moving image, writing and performance, exploring the intertextual relationships between each of these materials. Narrative fragments gleaned from different places and points of her life are shown in parallel to reveal ongoing enquiry into the contingency and intimacy of materials. Prodger’s installations and performances look at what happens to speech - and the self for which it is a conduit - as it metamorphoses via time, space and technological systems.

Having moved through various deconstructed modes of presentation including sculptural multi-monitor installations, Prodger is now focusing on single channel, long form videos. In this immersive context she finds possibilities for more complex relationships between image and sound, subject and object. Her recent videos Stoneymollan Trail (2015), BRIDGIT (2017), Passing as a Great Grey Owl (2017) and LHB (2017) explore intertwined relationships between queer bodies, landscape, language, technology and time.

Solo shows include Sculpture Centre, New York; Bergen Kunsthall; Kunstverein Düsseldorf; Glasgow International; Studio Voltaire, London; Spike Island, Bristol; Koppe Astner, Glasgow; Temple Bar Gallery, Dublin and Hollybush Gardens, London. Groups shows and screenings include Tate Britain, London; New York Film Festival; Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival; British Art Show 8; Künstlerhaus Graz; Artists Space, New York; Pier Arts, Orkney and Kunsthalle Freiburg. Prodger’s writing has been published in F.R.DAVID, 2HB, Frieze and Happy Hypocrite.

Charlotte Prodger | I’m struck by the consideration with which the Paul Hamlyn Foundation approaches this gesture, and I feel extremely grateful to have this support. It will afford me invaluable breathing space to think, to take some risks and to develop open ended methods of research, collaboration and experimentation beyond the in-and-out constraints of project by project funding. The award is particularly exciting for me at this time because I’m seeking out ways to open out my practice in the longer term, something which I didn’t think would be possible. It also means a lot to have the opportunity to nominate others for the award in the future.