Bryn Harrison

Bryn Harrison (b.1969) lives near Halifax, West Yorkshire. Bryn Harrison's compositional output has been largely concerned with exploring how musical forms can challenge our perceptions of time and space. Harrison achieves this by using the same material but presenting it at different angles and perspectives, sometimes compressed or stretched. His music seems to slow down and momentarily suspend time, ideas that stem from the composer's longstanding interest in Eastern philosophy and American abstract art. This link between painting and music has become a central component of Harrison's work. In his own words, 'I often think of the surface of a composition as a picture plane extending in all directions.' Harrison studied composition with Gavin Bryars at De Montfort University, Leicester. His music has been performed extensively in the UK and internationally. Commissions have included new work for Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, London Symphony Orchestra and Exaudi. Bryn is currently Head of Composition at the University of Huddersfield. Bryn Harrison

Bryn Harrison | I am delighted to have received a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award. This feels like a great honour and a privilege and will provide me with the opportunity to realise several international projects as a composer that would not otherwise have been possible.