Bonnie Camplin

Bonnie Camplin (b.1970) lives and works in London Bonnie Camplin's expanded practice, which she broadly describes as the 'Invented Life' has included eight years as a para-theatrical producer, director, dancer and performer of experimental club nights in Soho, London, as well as work across the disciplines of drawing, film and video, performance, music and writing. She works with subtle-energetic principles of observation and intent, outside of and defying a mechanistic and deterministic worldview. Central to her work is a science of individual sovereignty, energy and consciousness. Her style plays on the psychic relationships between humans and other event-object beings. InFamily (2010), a neural or mycelial network of bright, skittish mark-making extends from an arrangement of headless, yet form-filmed geometric-patterned knitwear. Posed as if for a family photograph, these figures evoke familial ties on both a micro and macroscopic scale. Camplin has shown internationally and has worked both individually and collaboratively. Recent solo exhibitions have been held at Cabinet London, 2013, Michael Benevento in Los Angeles, 2012, and Galerie Cinzia Friedlaender, Berlin, 2011. Her moving image work has been shown most recently at the ICA and the 2012 Lux/Tramway Bienalle of Moving Images. Camplin is currently a Lecturer in Fine Art at Goldsmiths College, London.

Bonnie Camplin | "I'm truly thankful to the spirit of Paul Hamlyn award that will provide energy and protection for the deeper development of a theory and practice of subtle-energetic dimensional-path working and other alternative models of what art, science and pedagogy might be now into the future. Thank you over and over to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for their perceptivity and generosity."