Andy Holden

Andy Holden (b. 1982) lives and works in Bedford Andy Holden's practice encompasses studio production of large sculpture, lectures/performances, curating collaborative exhibitions and recording music for (and running) a record label. His works often have narrative starting points, such as the Pyramid Piece for Art Now at Tate Britain, which involved returning a piece of rock that he had taken from the Great Pyramid at Giza as a child, back to the place it was taken from fifteen years earlier and constructing a knitted replica, 100,000 enlarged in volume, as a monument to a piece of a monument. He is a 2011 Stanley Picker Fellow and recent exhibitions and performances include: Dan Cox Library for the Unfinished Concept of Thingly Time, Cubitt Gallery, London (2012); Laws of Motion in a Cartoon Landscape - Performance at Spike Island and Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston (2012); Andy Holden in Conversation with the Benaki Museum, Benaki Museum, Athens (special commissioned project for the museum, 2012); I Promise to Love You, Caldic collection at Kunsthalle Rotterdam (2011); and Art Now Live: Tate Britain, London - Lecture on Bird Song, a live performance in collaboration with his father Peter Holden (2011).

Andy Holden | I am extremely grateful to receive the Paul Hamlyn Award. It is most unexpected and really changes everything. For the past six years my Mum and Dad have very kindly let me live at home and looked on patiently whilst I spent every penny on materials for art work and releasing records that, for the most part, resolutely lost money. The award is the start of a new chapter, and means that I can continue to make the work that I want to make, without having to further test my parents’ patience. It feels like a giant leap on the road to becoming legitimate. It means a great deal to me and I hope that my work over the next few years does justice to such generosity.