Eliza Carthy

Eliza Carthy (b. 1975) lives and works in Yorkshire Eliza's song writing and performances place English traditional music in a modern context, from her first band in 1996 of virtuoso players from all fields of music through to her work with the Imagined Village, a collective of Asian British and British musicians exploring new ways to react to shared and coinciding traditions - rock and dance as well as ancient material from both cultures. Her music is boundary-crossing and she has also collaborated with people from a broad range of cultures - whether from the rock world or the wider world music community, with artists from Africa, Argentina, Eastern and Central Europe, America, Canada and the West Indies. Her critically acclaimed recordings include two Mercury Prize nominated albumsĀ - Red Rice (1998) and Anglicana (2003); Rough Music (2004) andĀ Neptune (2011). She toured with the Imagined Village in 2012 and in Dec 2012 will tour with The Gift - a collaborative project with her mother, the song writer and performer Norma Waterson.

Eliza Carthy | The Paul Hamlyn Foundation grant has come at just the right time in life for me. It will help to give my family some security while I put together my new show, will allow me to rehearse a large band in professional surroundings next year and then provide a cushion when my eldest daughter goes to school in the autumn and the nature of my touring year changes. I am delighted and excited by this opportunity, and so very grateful and happy to be considered.